Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest.

Charles Moore,
Marine Researcher

We from “The Ocean Savers” set out to raise awareness for the importance of our oceans and the marine life within them. Together, we we want to push marine conservation efforts forward.

We do this by educating people, raising discussions, empowering individuals and by funding NGOs in the area of marine conservation.

Where do our donations go?

50% of our profits go to One Earth, One Ocean, and organisation that has developed a concept to remove plastics as well as oil and chemicals from water bodies. Read more about this association here.

Look good
with a message
and do good
along the way!

Tobias Mende, Founder,
The Ocean Savers

We donate 50% of our profits!

Our shop is full of sustainable, organic eco apparel and accessories that help you, to become an ocean ambassador!