About Us

“The Ocean Savers” was started in December 2020 by Tobias, a German ocean addict. Find out more here

Our Vision

Healthy and clean seas and coasts, full of marine wildlife and a human society that lives in symbioses with marine ecosystems.

Our Mission

Raising awareness for our oceans and helping people to build a relationship with them.

Our Values

  1. Sustainability: We evaluate our actions based on their sustainability and seek more sustainable solutions.
  2. Mindfulness: We are mindful about the impact of our actions and the events that happen around us.
  3. Leadership: We lead by example and live our values wherever we go.
  4. Openness: We are open for new and different views and alternative approaches.
  5. Respect: We respect others and the environment.
  6. Responsibility: We own our responsibility and drive the changes, that we want to see.
  7. Freedom: We believe that individuals thrive best, if they have not only the responsibility but also the freedom to executed their ideas as they see them.
  8. Knowledge: We understand that knowledge is an important foundation for everything that we do, and we build and share it openly.
  9. Growth: We execute experiments, we fail, we learn, we grow. We aim to learn quickly and adapt to changes.

What we do

  • We raise awareness for our oceans and their problems and educate people about them. We help other ocean lovers to spread the message by selling eco-friendly products with marine conservation related messages.
  • We educate people via social media about the oceans and help them to build a relationship and understand the importance of marine conservation.
  • We research challenges and problems of marine conservation and develop sustainable solutions and empower people who want to save our oceans.

Work with us!

You like, what we are doing? Awesome! We have various volunteering opportunities and would love to meet you. All our opportunities are 100% remote!

Get in touch!

You want to learn more about us and our cause, have questions, feedback or just want to say “Hi!”? – Drop us a message and we will get back to you very soon.