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Have you dreamed of helping people to understand the oceans? To “get” the importance of marine conservation? Are you passionated about the oceans, water-sports and the diversity of the marine ecosystems?

Are you struggling to connect this passion with something meaningful? Then, we might have a solution for you!

When I started “The Ocean Savers” in 2020, I started completely alone, following my passion. Quickly I realised, that my time and impact as an individual is limited. And therefore I am reaching out to you, to the individuals who are as passionate about the oceans as I am.

With this project, we want to raise awareness for our oceans and educate people about them. Thus, we are looking for people who want to join this cause. And the best: You can do it from your home, 100% remote.

Help us to reach more people and to have a growing positive impact.

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